Week 12: Kickstarting Monopoly

I’ve always wanted to back a project on Kickstarter. For those who aren’t familiar, Kickstarter is a website to crowd source funding for awesome projects. If a project gets the required amount of funding before the deadline, it goes through. If not, no one gets charged and it doesn’t happen. I’ve been meaning to get an account started to back things that I think are worthwhile.

We finally came across something worth it with Kevin Tostado’s Monopoly documentary.

Kevin was an Olin ’06er who also made a film while studying there, called Yellow Lights.   The Monopoly Documentary was an entirely different type of film and has left me wanting to play Monopoly! I still haven’t gotten to, so if you’re in the Seattle area and want to swing by Leon’s Flat for a game… let me know.

The documentary taught me a bunch of things I didn’t know:

  • In competitive Monopoly, you use a third, red die called the “Mr. Monopoly” die that requires you to move ahead to buy property, or move ahead and pay the owner the value (depending on game state).
  • When you win competitive Monopoly you get the amount of money that comes with the game.
  • Monopoly was originally a game called “The Landlord’s Game” and was supposed to emphasize how unfair capitalism was.

We’re not really sure how to qualify this in terms of new things, but it was definitely a few different ones:

  • First time Ellen funded something on Kickstarter (yay!)
  • First time we watched a documentary someone we know made!
  • First time we learned about the monopoly championship.
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