Week 5: Sushi

We had a special guest visitor for this week’s episode of Leon’s Flat’s new things. ¬†Garrett flew in to visit us from Milwaukee, and he was very interested in making sushi. So, we had an excellent sushi purchasing and making adventure.

Our shopping:

  • Uwajimaya – sushi mats, seaweed, rice vinegar, japanese mayonnaise, siracha, miscellaneous hilarious beverages (like curry soda), etc.
  • Pike’s Place Market – fish!
  • Safeway – Avocado and cucumber.

Our sushi mats and seaweed! Be careful, Seaweed is expensive!

Very thinly sliced vegetables.

We even made spicy tuna using Bryce's recipe (well, we adapted it).

Rolling the sushi on the sushi mat. Using saran wrap made it way harder.

No one can claim Nikki isn't a yuppie! She ate a sushi burrito like the best of them. (Sushi is hard to make stick).

Sushi that looks more like sushi should!

Conclusion: it's easier to make this kind look pretty than is to make rolls look pretty.

We aren’t really sure if it’s cheaper to buy sushi at a restaurant, or make sushi, but it is more fun to make sushi!

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