PROJECT52 ("One New Thing")


Inspired by Jen Mac, Ellen and Nikki decided to do one new thing every week. For an entire year. Anything goes, as long as it doesn't violate the rules of Leon's Flat (listed in this post).

Follow the ensuing hijinks at the Official Leon's Flat Blog.

Modlet Interface Design


The Modlet is a smart outlet device aimed at helping users save money and energy. The emphasis of this project was on identifying user groups within a general consumer audience and characterizing the needs, wants, and values of key users. The end goal was to synthesize enough information to specify requirements for the online Modlet control interface.



Gatehopper is a lightweight mobile web application that connects and entertains travelers flying between destinations. A user can "check-in" to their flight using the application to view other individuals on the flight and their discussions on the flight wall. Through participation users can earn badges and levels demonstrating how much they have traveled.