Week 2: Post-It Mural

Week 2 got off to a tenuous start- as of Saturday morning Ellen and Nikki hadn’t even started doing something new for the week! After Ellen very cheerfully woke up Nikki at 8am:

they realized that had an unsurmountable problem in building the Chumby- they lacked a soldering iron. Not to be daunted, they quickly moved down the list to making “post it-note pixelated art in Ellen’s office.” They needed something relatively narrow given the shape of Ellen’s window, so they chose to do old-school space invaders.

Planning! We started by analyzing Space Invaders.

Making the first alien.

Using the 16x A LOT grid to add the second alien.

And, the final product!

Ta da!

It turns out that making a post it note mural is actually a lot easier than one might think. I’d advise making your grid first, and figuring out a way to cut post it notes into better small squares if necessary (ours weren’t precisely straight).

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