Week 17: Eating with Chopsticks

We decided to take a little more of a lighthearted approach this week. We were excited that we had a brand new set of rainbow chopsticks courtesy of my grandmother, and wanted lots of reasons to use them! For eating meals at home we mandated that we could only use chopsticks (and spoons- chopsticks don’t work well for liquids).

If you want to get your own set, they're from MoMA.

Honestly, this one might have been a little too easy. Both Nikki and I are fairly accomplished chopstick users, and it turns out if you can eat Chinese take out with chopsticks, eating pasta and eggs is also no problem.  It did go pretty well with our ongoing effort to try to cook more (and more complicated) things in our home. This week alone we made pasta, chicken teriyaki, and eggs and bacon! For those who haven’t heard, as a sneak peak, in the future you might hear about the cooking game we designed.

The more fun part with using the chopsticks was having our friend Eric over to dinner. Eric is… not so proficient… with chopsticks, and we attempted to teach him.  He ended up reverting to the spoon, but it was an interesting lesson in teaching.

Proof we ate:

I use the pink chopsticks!

Nikki uses the blue chopsticks.

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