Double Dare: Back to Basics

Welcome to our second Double Dare! This week we doubled on two (admittedly unrelated) activities: trying out a supertaster test and building a blanket fort.

For those of you not in the know, a supertaster is someone who is extra sensitive to taste. Due to my extreme sensitivity to bitter flavors (don’t even get me started about beer and wine), we’ve long suspected that I might be a supertaster. Doing a simple saccharine test seemed like an easy way to address the issue.

Mmm, delicious!

The test itself is very straightforward: mix a packet of saccharine (we used Sweet and Low) into a glass of water, and then take a sip of the resulting concoction. To a normal taster, it should be mostly sweet with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. To an undertaster, only the sweetness is noticeable. And to a supertaster, the bitter aftertaste is dominant. Keeping all this in mind, we mixed up our glasses of saccharine water and sipped away. To Ellen, it just tasted like sweetened water, implying that she is either an undertaster or a normal taster. To me, it tasted like sweet water – with an absolutely disgusting bitter aftertaste. Looks like I’m a supertaster after all!

After our sugary adventures we decided to construct ourselves a blanket fort. We think it turned out pretty well, and we’re definitely planning on sleeping in it tonight!

Part of the way through the build process!

The view from inside our fort.

Our final blanket fort! It's pretty awesome inside.

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