There are 52 bones in the human body.  A meerkat can spot predators from as far as 52 kilometers.  Uranus weighs over 52 metric tons.  Coincidence?  At PROJECT52, we think not.

Just kidding. But, at PROJECT52 we do strive to complete as many awesome tasks as posssible. Each week you can check back, and we will have completed something else that we have never done before. In fact, neither of us will have ever done it before!

It might be a feat of being-real-adults, a challenge of the out-of-doors, or a moment that alters our perception forever. Whatever we select, each week you can check back for a compelling and entertaining blog entry.

The only rules governing our tasks are:
0) Don’t burn the apartment down
1) No 4Loko
2) No cocaine
(2a) No hard drugs
3) Wear clothes in public spaces
4) No cults
5) We can’t have done it before

After all, what else would you expect from the duo that brought you Leon’s flat?

(inspired by

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