Leon’s Flat is another name for the “awesome, epic duo” of Ellen Chisa and Nikki Lee. Together they talk about interfaces, work on design projects, get excited about education, and pretend to be adults (sometimes more effectively than others).

Both Ellen and Nikki graduated from Olin College in the class of 2010 and now live in Seattle. Their current endeavors include PROJECT52, fixing the American education system, and not burning down their apartment (accidentally or otherwise).


Ellen Chisa

Ellen is a pretty big fan of working on projects (of any variety), reading, writing, travel, photography, pinball, whiteboards, post it notes, mobile devices, music (especially clarinet and saxophone), education, entrepreneurship, and design.


Nikki Lee

Nikki can (and will) talk at length about education, honor codes, and human nature. Her current passion is interface design/UX, but she is always open to new experiences. She also likes robots, music, emerging technologies, and video games.